Pediatrics Discretionary Fund

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This fund allows the department to pursue its mission by supporting research, teaching, patient care, and other priorities at the discretion of the chair. These funds are used to sponsor the recruitment and retention of outstanding staff and faculty in the department. In turn, our excellent teachers can attract outstanding young researchers to the UW. The fund also supports the development of trainees' and faculty members' careers by funding exploratory research, the publication of articles, and presentations at national and international conferences.

Pediatrics Program Support Fund

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This fund supports various educational and research efforts in the Department of Pediatrics. Educational activities supported include resident and fellow research projects, critical to their training and to children's health, and participation in prestigious national conferences. The fund will also be used to enhance departmental research programs by supporting faculty requiring seed money to collect data, purchase equipment, or hire lab staff. The results of these experiments often lead to long-term research efforts. Finally, collaborative research efforts among our sub-specialists will be enhanced through the purchase of new equipment and technologies.

Pediatrics Resident Education and Training Fund

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To support resident activities, education, and training in the Department of Pediatrics.

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